North Carolina Health Data Explorer

Multivariate Map

The Multivariate Map displays the relationship between two user-selected variables in a "bubble" scatter plot. The influence of two additional indicators or dimensions may also be shown by way of the color and diameter of the bubble’s circle.  The color of the circle (light or dark) represents a variable’s size.  The diameter of the circle represents another variable’s size.

A Concise Introduction provides directions on how to use the Explorer.

For information on how to interpret the multivariate scatter plot, see the Technical Notes.


The Health Data Explorer is organized around four data themes or series:

Series 1: Mortality Rates and Healthcare Resources - The Mortality Rates and Healthcare Resources Series includes mortality rates for major causes of death, counts, age-adjusted total mortality rates, and white and non-white rates and disparity rate ratios.  It also includes rates of health professionals per 10,000 population.

Series 2: Social Life and Economy – The Social Life and Economy Series includes mortality data along with social and economic data (income, poverty rate, unemployment rate, education level).

Series 3: The Environment – The Environment Series includes mortality data and data on selected environmental influences by county (hazardous waste, air pollution, agriculture).

Series 4: Health Behaviors – The Health Behaviors Series includes mortality data along with data on health behaviors (personal exercise, consumption of fruits and vegetables, alcohol consumption).  This data is taken from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), conducted annually by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  BRFSS data is sample data, so it is presented with 95% confidence intervals.