North Carolina Health Data Explorer

Times Series


The Time Series Application presents county-level mortality data for leading causes of death over the most recent 10 year period.

A Concise Introduction provides directions on how to use the Explorer.

For additional information, see the Frequently Asked Questions and the Technical Notes.

Open the Time Series Application and use the select data button to choose a disease.

You may select either the mortality rate or the count (number of deaths), and pick any one year to view the data. The map will display the mortality for that disease for that year by county (by quintile). When you roll the cursor over any county on the map, the time series data for that county for all 10 years will display on the time series chart below. If you click the county it will remain highlighted and will continue to display on the chart. Then, roll over another county and that county will also display on the chart in a different color, so you may compare them. To compare the county to a region or the state, roll over that region on the Region/State/US table. To compare a county to its peer counties**, click on the Filter by Region button and scroll down until you locate the county of interest. Click on its peer group and Explorer will display only that data. Roll over the counties on the bar chart and their 10 year trendline will display on the map.

** Peer counties are the three or four other counties in the state that are considered similar to the target county, based on health needs and risk factors. Peer counties are described in more detail in the NC-CATCH Training manual, page 14, which can be found at this website: