Frequently Asked Questions - Influenza Program

Why is the Vice Chancellor requiring that employees and learners receive influenza vaccinations this year?

This recommendation is in the interest of public health and to respond to the vaccination requirements of our clinical partners, most of whom already require seasonal influenza vaccinations for all workers, including faculty and learners, in their facilities.

What employees and learners must receive the flu immunization?

All employees and learners that work and learn on the Health Sciences Campus will receive a seasonal influenza vaccination OR be granted an exemption through the approved process. This includes faculty, staff and learners at the Brody School of Medicine, ECU Physicians, College of Allied Health Sciences, College of Nursing, and School of Dental Medicine. All learners from ECU or other institutions that are physically at any location on the Health Sciences Campus are included. It also includes employees whose work brings them to the Health Sciences Campus such as Police, Housekeeping, and Facilities Services.

What are the deadlines for getting my flu shot?

Influenza vaccine clinics will begin on October 6, 2015, and vaccinations should be completed by November 5, 2015. If vaccination is received outside of ECU Physicians, the documentation must be sent to by Nov. 5, 2015.

Where can I get my flu shot?

Prospective Health and Pharmacy Services are working together to provide influenza vaccine clinics for employees and learners. Visit our Schedule page for dates.

Each ECU Physicians clinic can provide the vaccine to their employees at their clinical location. The nurse managers will notify you and let you know when and where you can use this service. The form you will need for this is on our Forms page.

You may choose to receive your immunization from your primary care provider or any other business that offers this service. You MUST provide documentation of that immunization: scan it to, fax it to 252-744-2417, or mail it to ECU Brody School of Medicine, Office of Prospective Health, 640 Life Sciences Building 188, Greenville, NC 27834. If you receive the vaccination at an ECU Physicians clinic, your information will be automatically sent to the Office of Prospective Health.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the immunization?

State Employees Health Plan covers the full cost of the vaccination under its wellness program. Many other major insurances will also cover the vaccination. Remember to bring a copy of your insurance card with you to receive the influenza vaccine. If you receive the vaccination outside of ECU Physicians, you may be charged a fee for the vaccine.

Who will pay for my flu shot if my insurance won’t pay for it?

There is no charge for any ECU employee or learner on the Health Sciences Campus IF they do not have insurance coverage or if their insurance rejects the claim.

What can I do if I don’t want to get the influenza immunization?

You must apply for an exemption from the policy if you do not wish to be protected from influenza.

What are possible exemptions and how can I apply?

Visit our Exemption page for more information.

How will my immunization be documented?

If you receive your vaccination at any of the ECU clinics, documentation will be taken care of by Prospective Health and Pharmacy Services. If you receive your vaccination at another location, documentation should be emailed to, faxed to 252-744-2709, or mailed to the Office of Prospective Health, ECU Mail Stop #640.

How will my immunization be communicated to Vidant?

Prospective Health and Pharmacy services are working together with Vidant Medical Center to share information on employees and learners that work or learn in both locations. You can receive a copy of your immunization record from the ECU clinic where your receive the influenza vaccine if you need it for another area.

Where can I get more answers?

Details on our vaccination program can be found throughout this website, including the procedure for receiving and documenting your vaccination, schedules for immunization clinics, vaccine information sheets, forms for consent for vaccination, exemption form, frequently asked questions, and other details. If you have additional questions after visiting this website, they can be emailed to

All employees are encouraged to bring their immediate family members to the clinics with them to be vaccinated. Anyone covered under insurance is not charged a copay, including children. We will have pediatric nurses at each clinic from 2-4pm.

Any uninsured family member will be charged a cash price of $35 for a 65+ high-dose vaccine or $20 for any other vaccine.