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Phyllis Horns

Once again, the ECU Infection Control Committee has recommended that seasonal influenza vaccinations be required for all employees and learners. Last year we achieved a vaccination rate of over 90% during our first Health Sciences Campus-wide influenza prevention program. This year, our goal is to have everyone who works or learns on our Campus vaccinated. Again, we will have a process for exemptions to be requested and approved.

This recommendation was made to safeguard ourselves, our families, and, most importantly, our patients and to respond to the vaccination requirements of our clinical partners, most of which require seasonal influenza protection for all workers, including faculty and learners, in their facilities.

Flu vaccinations can be obtained from any source selected by the employee/learner with documentation of vaccination to be submitted per the approved process. Details on our vaccination program can be found on the CIPP website at including the procedure for receiving and documenting your vaccination, schedules for immunization clinics, vaccine information sheets, forms for consent for vaccination, exception forms, frequently asked questions, and other details. If you have additional questions after visiting this website, they can be emailed to

Dr. Phyllis Horns,
Vice Chancellor Health Sciences