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   Office of Simulation and Safety Education

The mission of the Interprofessional Clinical Simulation Program is to promote excellence in clinical care, promote patient, learner, and practitioner safety, and improve multidisciplinary team performance through the use of simulation modalities.

The Clinical Simulation Program will be a national model for interprofessional education and safety training. A collaborative approach across institutions and disciplines will offer an opportunity to jointly address safety and quality of care for patients in Eastern North Carolina. 


Simulation Program priorities and values are aligned with those of BSOM and Vidant Health:

  • Safety: provides a variety of healthcare professionals a safe, reality-based educational experience that increases competence in managing patients thus minimizing and preventing errors in the delivery of patient care.
  • Quality: will be enhanced by providing training in a simulated clinical setting allowing practice, assessment, and feedback while simultaneously promoting best practice standards and continuous innovation without risk to patients during the learning experience.
  • Service: prepares healthcare professionals to show compassion in all interactions and actively participate in the global community.
  • Excellence: will be achieved by creating a safe educational environment to provide competency-based training enabling competency assessment and any necessary remediation prior to proceeding to the bedside.