Doctor of Audiology (AuD)

Can you picture yourself working with people with hearing loss and/or balance problems? Are you interested in using technology and evidence-based care to do so?

The profession of audiology has been ranked as one of the top five jobs with respect to physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook (; 2013). East Carolina's AuD program allows you to work closely with faculty and other audiology students to develop hearing health care skills. As an AuD student, you will learn to analyze and apply information related to the auditory and vestibular anatomy, diagnostic and rehabilitation, and non-medical treatments of the hearing and balance systems. The program also allows opportunities for clinical rotations throughout the community and nation, and mentored teaching and research with faculty members. Our departmental Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic offers a unique first experience in developing clinical skills in a variety of practice areas.

The profession of audiology will allow you to combine your interest in client interactions and the use of technology for evaluation and management. The process of identifying hearing loss can be emotional, but so can the experience of helping that individual with their communication abilities. The final year of the AuD experience is the Clinical Residency; students are encouraged to seek clinical placements throughout the nation, depending upon clinical practice interests.

2017-2018 Au.D. Student Handbook (pdf)

2017 AuD Informational PowerPoint (pdf)


Dr. William Eblin

AuD Information Session (pdf)

ECU Audiology
Virtual Information Session
November 10, 2017
9 AM-12 PM