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Welcome to the Audiology Clinic!

For appointments, call 252-744-6104.

Did you know that the Federal Government has made recommendations (Healthy People 2010) for improving the health and function of our ears? Regular ear checks and hearing evaluations are an important way to do so.

Unique Features of our Audiology Clinic---

Audiologists with highly specialized training and the highest professional degree in the profession (i.e., the Ph.D.)

Comprehensive and "best care" hearing and balance services

Speech-language consultation, evaluation, and therapy if you or your family should need these services

Hearing screening and information programs throughout the area to increase awareness of the need for protecting and monitoring our ears and hearing


Helpful website links related to hearing loss

Better Hearing Institute  

For 33 years the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), a not-for-profit organization, has educated the public and medical profession on hearing loss and its treatment. BHI offers a wealth of information on hearing loss, hearing solutions and hearing loss prevention; free consumer guides on better hearing, hearing aids, resources for people with hearing loss, as well as a parent’s guide to their child’s hearing. BHI also conducts extensive research on the hearing loss population as well as unbiased research on customer satisfaction with hearing aids and the hearing healthcare process.