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Description of Assistive Listening Device Services
Assistive listening device evaluation; ¼ to ½ hour
Assistive listening device orientation; ½ to 1 hour
There are devices, other than hearing aids, that help people with hearing loss hear better at long distances (large room systems), alert them to sounds (louder ringers, flashing lights, vibrators), or help them to better use the telephone (amplifiers or teletype devices) or television (amplified headsets). The audiologist can assist in selection, ordering, and instructed use of these devices.
undefinedAmeriphone Alertmaster 6000
undefinedAP-CL-40 Amplified Cordless Telephone
undefinedSennheiser SI-SET 100 Direct Ear TV Infrared System
undefinedAmeriphone Dialogue III TTY

Assistive listening device evaluation: This evaluation may be included in the hearing aid evaluation. The audiologist talks with the client and family about devices other than hearing aids that might be of benefit. A questionnaire may be given that asks about listening needs in different listening situations that might suggest the need for specific assistive listening devices. Other devices include telephone amplifiers, television headsets, and extra loud ringers for the doorbell or telephone. 1 hour

Assistive listening device fitting & orientation: This appointment allows the audiologist and client to review use and care of the assistive device. 1 hour

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