College of Allied Health Sciences
Communication Sciences and Disorders



Description of Other Audiology Services
Earwax/cerumen removal; ½ to 1 hour;
Ear impressions to order swimplugs or noise reduction earplugs; ½ hour;
Lipreading and/or Communication Strategies Training


Earwax/Cerumen removal: The audiologist uses a plastic loop and/or warm water to remove earwax from the ears of people who are at low risk for complications. (High-risk clients are referred to ear-nose-throat physicians). Clients may be asked to use softening eardrops. If a client is not a hearing aid user, removal is typically not recommended for blockages of less than 50% of the ear canal. Hearing aid users may need more aggressive earwax removal to prevent earwax related problems with hearing aid use.

Ear impressions for swim plugs or noise reduction earplugs: The audiologist takes impressions of one or both ears and sends those to an earmold company. The earmold company uses the impressions to make the actual swimplugs or earplugs. ½ hour

Lipreading or Communication Strategies Training: The way that we communicate with others interacts with any hearing loss we might have. Clients and their significant others may want to schedule from 4-6 sessions to learn how to communicate more effectively; 1 hour per session.