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Distance Education Program
MS, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Our distance education (DE) MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders is a three year full-time program.  The (DE) MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders is a clinical degree that offers students the necessary academic and clinical training to earn eligibility for the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).  The DE MS degree is the exact same degree as the campus program. We require the same admission criteria and use the same training procedures.  Academic and clinical experiences gained while in the DE Master's program will serve as the foundation for future clinicians to offer specialized services that address a wide range of complex disorders of communication and swallowing.  In addition, it is our expectation that students will develop the collaborative leadership and problem solving skills necessary to address the ever changing problems of communication and swallowing experienced by children and adults.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 3.0 overall GPA (undergraduate, post-baccalaureate courses, other MS degrees)
  • 3.2 GPA in SLP pre-requisite courses
  • 30th percentile score on both Verbal and Quantitative sections of GRE
  • Completion of the following prerequisite courses:
    • Phonetics
    • Anatomy of Speech and Hearing
    • Neural Processes for Speech/Language
    • Language Development
    • Introduction to Audiology
    • Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation
    • Articulation and Phonology
    • Speech Science
    • Statistics
    • Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 credits)
    • Biological/Physical Sciences (6 credits)

In addition, to minimum program requirements, students considering the DE program MUST:

  • Live at 75 miles away from Greenville, NC
  • Must be resident of a state in which ECU is authorized to provide Distance Education (See below:  Important Notice to Residents Living Outside that state of NC)
  • Have consistent high speed internet at home (or access) and a new/updated computer when starting the program
  • Be able to devote at least 2 days per week to the accrual of clinical clock hours during the 2nd and 3rd years of the program
  • Attend a mandatory on-campus orientation, once accepted into the program

Admission Cycle: Sept. - Jan. 15th (Students are only admitted for Fall semester start)

For detailed information about our program requirements and the application process, please download our PROGRAM APPLICATION BOOKLET (pdf) or contact

Important Notice to Residents Living Outside the state of North Carolina

Admission of applicants residing outside the State of North Carolina to an online degree, certificate program or individual online course offered by East Carolina University, is dependent on ECU's ability to secure authorization from the applicant's state of residence, if such authorization is required.

Due to evolving changes in higher education regulations, at this time, ECU is unable to serve all of the students that are interested in our courses or programs. ECU will no longer be able to offer distance education online programs or courses for students residing in Alabama, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Maryland, and Ohio. For the most current list of states, visit this link This list is constantly changing and student should contact the Director of Masters Education ( to inquire about the status of their home state before applying. Additionally, students enrolled in programs or courses that require internships or supervised clinical placements will be unable to complete these activities in the states listed.