MS, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Apply to East Carolina University Graduate School (not CSDCAS)
Application opens July 15, 2018
*Please use GRE code 5180 for submitting scores to East Carolina University*

How Do I Apply to the MS-SLP Program?

2018-2019 Application Process

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Applicants will apply directly to East Carolina University Graduate School.

Applications will include:

  • Transcripts: Must be sent from ALL attended colleges and universities. Transcripts should be sent to East Carolina University, Graduate School Admissions, 131 Ragsdale, Greenville, NC, 27858-4353. Please do not send transcripts or other materials to the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, as they will not be accepted.
  • GRE Scores: (code 5180) for quantitative, verbal, and writing (highest overall for each section will be used)
  • Letters of Recommendation: 3 Letters are required (2 must be from Academic Professors)
    • Letters should speak to the applicant's ability to handle the rigors of an intense graduate program. In addition, letters should include statements about the applicant's ethics, confidence, initiative, communication, critical thinking skills, reliability, and interpersonal skills.
  • Essay: Applicants will be asked to respond to a writing prompt in the application portal. The brief response should reflect genuine impressions about you as an individual and a future professional. A word limit has been established for each question, and spelling and grammar will be considered. Questions may change annually but past questions have included:
    • Express your reason(s) for pursuing a graduate degree in speech-language pathology.
    • Explain why you believe East Carolina University's Master's in speech-language pathology program is the right program for you.
    • Describe your greatest achievement in scholarship, leadership, and/or service.
    • Reflect on your personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Resume: Maximum of 2-page resume. A template will not be provided. Please follow the provided outline below and provide brief narrative descriptions for the important experiences to be highlighted.
    1. Education
    2. Work and/or Volunteer Experience
      • Include dates and primary responsibilities in positions
    3. Significant shadowing experiences in health care and/or speech-language pathology
      • Dates and hours, if appropriate
    4. Awards and/or Honors
    5. Leadership activities and/or organization memberships
    6. Research experience
      • Describe experiences, interests, readiness (e.g., use of spreadsheets, SPSS/SAS, use of statistics)
    7. Presentations and/or publications
  • Interviews: All applications will be reviewed and ranked. The top (75 campus; 25 DE; ~10 UAA/ASU) applicants will be invited to participate in a Skype interview via WebEx. Applicants will be notified the 1st week of February, and interviews will take place February 8th, 15th, and 22nd.
  • Prerequisite Course Descriptions: Applicants will prepare a word document that includes the catalog course descriptions for all prerequisite courses taken. These can be copy and pasted from the institution's course catalog where you took the courses.
  • Prerequisite Course Listing and Grades: Applicants will complete a list of all prerequisite courses taken, number of semester hours, grade, and term/year taken.  If you received a grade with a  "+" or "-," only include the letter grade. Access the required form here (Excel). Please upload the form to your application once completed as a .PDF, .DOC, or .DOCX.
  • Please make sure the email you use for this application will remain current throughout the entire process and is one that you check on a regular basis!