MS, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Apply to East Carolina University Graduate School (not CSDCAS)
Application opens July 15, 2018
*Please use GRE code 5180 for submitting scores to East Carolina University*

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the Graduate School's application form that is required?

Go to the Graduate School website: You can find application information through the "Apply" button.

How many students are accepted into the program?

Currently the Campus MS Program accepts between 30-32 students, and the Distance Education MS Program accepts between 10-12 students per academic year.

What should be in the reference letters submitted through the application?

You need THREE reference letters. Please see the SLP application for specific details as to what the references should address in their letters. It is typical that references are written by former professors, undergraduate advisors, employers, or occupational therapists.

When do I find out about the Admission Committee's decision?

Please see Application Timeline for an approximate breakdown of the application timeline.

Is the Essay important for my application?

The essays are one measure of the application and gives the applicant an opportunity to highlight his or her special abilities, skills, talents, and experiences. The answers should reflect genuine impressions about you as an individual and future professional. This is a very important component of the application and should be taken seriously by the applicant.

What if I don't have an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders?

If your undergraduate degree is in a field other than Communication Sciences & Disorders, you MUST have at least 21 credit hours of required undergraduate courses. The specific courses are defined on our website under Admission Information - Prerequisites.

What if I think a course I have taken meets one of your prerequisites, but I am not sure?

Email the course description or syllabus for any course that is not taken at ECU to the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Master's Program Director for advice at

I have taken some graduate courses in the field at another university. Will you accept transfer credits toward the degree?

We may accept up to 9 semester hours of graduate transfer credit from another institution(s). Requests for such transfer credit must be made at time of admission. The course syllabus and official transcripts from the transferring institution must accompany the request. The course(s) to be transferred must be in the content area of the courses required in our department. Our instructors will determine if the course content warrants approval of the transfer credit.

The DE program-of-study is for three years. Can I shorten it by taking more than two courses per semester?

Because we offer undergraduate, Master's and PhD degrees for full time students, we must adhere to a schedule and class size that we can effectively manage. We therefore cannot make any changes in the program-of-study without those changes adversely affecting the quality, and possible accreditation of the program. Therefore, you will not be allowed to take more than what has been outlined. Further, we have found that most students are in the DE program because they are working. Our experience tells us that two graduate courses per semester plus a clinical internship is MORE than enough to handle, and handle well! All students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to remain in good academic standing.

Are there quotas in your program for in-state students? Out-of-state students?

All qualified, interested applicants are considered for admission, regardless of the state of residence.

Can I work and go to school at the same time?

The curriculum is very demanding and requires a student to devote a great deal of time to completing course assignments. It is not recommended that students be employed outside of the university while enrolled in the program. External work can place you in a state of conflict with classmates when completing group work, which is a large part of many courses. However, some graduate assistantship positions are available throughout the university and within the department, which are designed for students who need to earn additional funds. At the end of the curriculum, students will be working full time (40+ hrs) on a full-time internship and will find it very difficult to maintain employment. We encourage applicants to plan accordingly.

Do you offer any financial aid/assistance for the Distance Education student?

You should contact ECU Student Financial Aid Office (252-737-6610) for information regarding financial aid.