MS, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Apply to East Carolina University Graduate School (not CSDCAS)
Application opens July 15, 2018
*Please use GRE code 5180 for submitting scores to East Carolina University*

On-Campus Requirements

Your physical presence on the ECU campus is required:

  1. When you are admitted to the program, you must attend a 2 to 3 -day orientation during the designated on-campus orientation sessions. This is usually held on Thursday-Friday in the 3rd or 4th week of July. Absence from the orientation will result in dismissal from the program unless the absence is due to a documented medical emergency. Documentation from a physician will be required. Students will not be allowed to accrue clinical hours until they attend the on-campus orientation. Students in the Alaska cohort are required to attend orientation via web conferencing.
  2. When you begin your clinical practica, you may be required to attend an 11-week summer clinical residency on our campus IF a beginning clinical site can not be located in your immediate geographical vicinity. Sites must be determined by a deadline announced during your first semester of the graduate program. See Clinical Site for more detailed information about clinical sites and the summer residency. In addition, you may be required to return to Greenville, NC for clinical assignments if your clinical skills are determined to be deficient and remediation in your geographical area has not been sufficient in improving your skills.
  3. Attendance at graduation is not required but highly encouraged.
  4. CSDI reserves the right to change the on-campus requirements at any time, without prior notice to degree bound students.
  5. Alaska students have clinics guided by the University of Alaska-Anchorage and have different on-campus requirements pertaining to UAA.