Ning Zhou, PhD

Dr. Zhou joined the faculty of East Carolina University in 2013. She is an auditory scientist studying electrical hearing in people with cochlear implants. Her research investigates the factors that might affect how auditory nerve responds to electrical stimulation using psychophysical measures and whether these factors can be used to account for variations in speech outcomes in implant users. She is the director of the Auditory Prosthesis Lab at ECU, which is currently funded by the National Institute of Health. Dr. Zhou collaborates with cochlear implant teams in the US and worldwide.


Dr. Zhou received a master's degree in Linguistics in 2005 and a PHD degree in Hearing Science in 2010 from Ohio University. She was a post-doc fellow at the Kresge Hearing Research Institute at University of Michigan from 2010 to 2013.

Areas of Interest

psychophysics and cochlear implants

Current Courses Taught

  • Advanced Acoustics (CSDI 8011)
  • Instrumentation and Calibration (CSDI 8015)
  • Auditory Perception of Speech (CSDI 8032)