Each of the participants of FMPC, including Summer 2015 and Summer 2016, have remarked on how their view of stuttering has changed after attending FMPC and how communication has become less feared because of this experience. The transformations from day 1 to day 14 have been remarkable in many regards. The fear of speaking is reduced dramatically, and the participants have many opportunities to experience communication to build upon their successes.

One participant called and rescheduled his dentist appointment, which he had never done before.  In the past he would always get a friend to call for him for fear of stuttering.  He also stated that he is now able to talk on the phone at work with more ease and less anxiety.  He is speaking openly about his stuttering at work, which is also a first.  

On the day we transferred usage of techniques within the community, another Summer 2015 participant returned to the group holding 3 job applications which she asked for herself.  She stated that she went into several stores, unprompted, to ask for things that she did not even need or want just because she was finally able to do so.

Another participant arrived to the program on a few occasions, excited to tell us that he had been to a restaurant and ordered his own food - an experience that was new to him.

Yet another participant asked for his sandwich without tomatoes, which he had never done in the past because of his stuttering.