Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders and Dyslexia Program


What: The ECU Scottish Rite program specializes in providing diagnostic evaluations to children and adolescents who are suspected of having or who have been diagnosed as having a language-based learning disability (i.e. problems with pre-reading skills, reading, writing, understanding speech, and/or expressing themselves orally).

Who: Children from the ages of 4 to 18 are seen through the SRF program. Children 8 years of age and older will need to have had a psychological evaluation (within the last 3 years) that gives individualized IQ scores. Children who have below average cognitive ability are not considered to be eligible for an evaluation under the auspices of the Scottish Rite Program; however they can receive an extensive language and reading/written language evaluation through the regular ECU Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic for a nominal fee.

When: After the child has been referred to the clinic, a package of information will be sent to the child’s parents/guardians, including a Case History Form and a School Questionnaire. These forms, along with any previous evaluation results, must be returned to ECU for review. When all information has been received, the parents will be contacted regarding their evaluation status and to schedule an appointment.

Where: The program is housed in the ECU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and is located in the new Health Sciences Building on Highway 43 North behind the Brody School of Medicine and Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

How are Referrals Made?: Anyone may refer a child to the SRF Program. Call (252) 744-6104 and leave referral information with the secretary.

Cost: There is a service fee of $50.00 for the evaluation and is used for off-setting the costs of postage, copying of reports, clerical assistance, and other materials needed for completing the report for the parent. This is not a fee that is reimbursable by insurance or health coverage and parents are asked to pay the fee at the time of the evaluation.

Evaluation services are provided by faculty members in the Dept. of CSDI who are certified by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association and licensed by the State of NC as Speech-Language Pathologists. Graduate students assist these faculty members with the evaluations.

The evaluations comprise all areas of language including assessment in language expression, language reception and processing, reading (decoding and comprehension), writing and spelling, memory, perception, and attention. These evaluations are quite extensive and may involve one or two diagnostic sessions to complete the collection of data (both informal and formal) from which a diagnosis is determined. When the results of the child’s performance on the tests have been analyzed, individualized recommendations regarding future intervention strategies, and additional testing or referrals to other professionals will be suggested to the parents in the form of an extensive written report.


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