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CBTTEL - Former Students/Projects

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Former Students/Projects

Mic-118-147  Mircea Capota (Mic): Undergraduate Education: B.S. Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago, 2004. Premedical Studies: Florida Atlantic University, 2008-2009 and East Carolina University, 2009-2010. 
Jock120-147 Joel Moore (Jock): Undergraduate Education: B.S. Biology and Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008. UNC School of Medicine, Class of 2014.
Jack Padgett Joseph Padgett (Jack): Undergraduate education: B.S. Biology, University of Virginia, 2008. Under the direction of Dr. Muller-Borer, Jack Padgett (M1) completed and presented "Thymosin Beta 4's wound healing propensity and the Heart", fulfilling the requirements for the Brody Summer Scholars Program in 2009. Jack is currently enrolled in the Brody School of Medicine.
Ross Gunst Ross Gunst: Undergraduate education: B.S. Microbiology, Minor in Genetics, North Carolina State University, 1999. Graduate education: Currently seeking MA in Mathematics at East Carolina University.
Brian Burrows Brian Burrows: Undergraduate education: B.S. Biology, Dickinson College, 2002. Graduate education: M.S. Biology, UNC Greensboro, 2005. Brian Burrows graduated from the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University in 2010 and is a resident at Duke University.
Yasmeen Midgette Yasmeen Midgette: Undergraduate education: B.S. Biology, East Carolina University, 2002. Graduate education: M.S. Biology, East Carolina University, 2008. Under the direction of Dr. Muller-Borer, Yasmeen completed and defended her thesis entitled "The Effect of Mechanical Strain on the Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells into a Cardiac Phenotype in Vitro" in 2008. Committee members: Jitka Virag, Anthony A. Capehart, Jean-Luc Scemama and Charles Singhas.
Kip Byrum Graham V Byrum, III (Kip): Undergraduate education: B.S. Health & Exercise Science, Wake Forest University, 2006. Graduate education: M.S. Biology, East Carolina University, 2008.  Under the direction of Drs. Virag and Muller-Borer, Kip Byrum completed and defended his biology master's thesis "Role of Thymosin Beta-4 in hMSC engraftment and differentiation in myocardial tissue." Kip Byrum was accepted into Wake Forest School of Medicine in 2008.
Reva Joshi Reva Joshi: The summer of 2010 Reva assisted with various projects in the lab. She attends Chantilly High School in Chantilly, VA and aspires to go to medical school.
Melanie Elliott Melanie Elliot: Undergraduate education: B.S. University of South Florida, 2005. Medical school: M.D. University of South Florida, 2010. Melanie volunteered in our lab the spring of 2006. She will graduate from medical school in May 2010 and plans to complete residency training in Pediatrics and a fellowship in pulmonology.