Clinical Competency Committee (CCC)


In accordance with the ACGME regulations 2013, a Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) has been formed (ACGME 2013 Core Requirement). The CCC will serve as an early warning system if a fellow fails to progress as expected in the training program, and will assist in early identification and move toward improvement and remediation. To make consensus decisions on the progress of each fellow in the program.


The members of a CCC have responsibility for:
  1. Determining fellows' progression on the educational Milestones
  2. Making recommendations on promotion and graduation decisions
  3. Recommending remediation or disciplinary actions to the program director
    1. The committee may make the following recommendations:
      1. No further action necessary
      2. Letter of concerns with specific terms and remediation recommendations
      3. Probation with specific terms and remediation recommendations
      4. May be with or without extension of time at level of training
      5. Termination
      6. Delay or denial of promotion or board recommendation
  1. The CCC Chair's role is to schedule meetings, run the CCC meeting and provide recommendations to the PD if the PD is not present at meeting
  2. Prepare Milestone report for ACGME reporting requirement
  3. Monitor fellow progression through the continuum of education in cardiovascular medicine
  4. Provide objective assessments and feedback about fellows in the ACGME competency areas
  5. Ensure that the assessment includes input reflecting representative group of faculty and evaluation of all educational components of the training program


The following key clinical faculty members (defined by the ACGME as ABIM board certified physicians who spend at least 10 hours per week throughout the year) will serve as members of this committee.

Harry DeAntonio

Harry DeAntonio, DO
Clinical & Consultative Cardiology
Chair of CCC

Ashesh Buch

Ashesh Buch, MD
Interventional Cardiology/Research

Hassan Alhosaini

Hassan Alhosaini, MD
Medical Director, Heart Failure Program

C. Bogdan Marcu

Constantin Marcu, MD
Multimodality Imaging

Rajasekhar Nekkanti

Rajasekhar Nekkanti, MD
Program Director

Sivakumar Ardhanari

Sivakumar Ardhanari, MD
Cardiology/Cardiovascular Imaging

The above committee composition provides for adequate representation from all divisions, services, sites, including broad representation of junior through senior faculty.


  1. Must meet semi-annually at a minimum
  2. Must be actively involved in fellow education
  3. Participate in committee deliberations regularly
  4. Provide consistent, timely evaluations
  5. Feedback must be constructive
  6. The Program coordinator will keep detailed minutes of all meetings


Evaluation and Reporting:

The CCC shall meet on a semi-annually basis in June and December of every academic year and:

  1. Review all fellows' evaluations by all evaluators semi-annually at each PGY level
  2. Preparing and assure the reporting of Milestones evaluations of each fellow semi-annually to ACGME
  3. Making recommendations to the program director for -
    1. promotion
    2. remediation
    3. dismissal

The PD will used the CCC recommendations as part of the fellows' semi-annual review.

Resources used to base ratings:
  1. Monthly end of rotation evaluations from faculty
  2. Fellows' self-evaluations
  3. 360° Evaluations including patients, clinic managers and nurses
  4. Procedure logs
  5. Outpatient evaluations from PM attending
  6. Scholarly activity
  7. In-Training exam results
  8. Attendance records
  9. Input from other colleagues and providers when available
  10. ...and whatever additional information is available

It is expected that the CCC members will spend about 1 hour per fellow at each meeting.

Upon concluding each semi-annual session, the meeting should provide the program director with:

  1. Explicit expectations of the fellow
  2. Identifies areas to work on
  3. Earlier identification of under-performers
  4. Provides aspirational goals for over-achievers
Administrative Responsibilities:

The CCC will meet on an ad hoc basis to:

  1. Develop and manage systems for evaluation of fellows from multiple sources (e.g., faculty, peers, patients, self, other professional staff).
  2. Manage a faculty advisor system to provide fellow mentorship and feedback about performance at least semi-annually.

These meetings should -

  1. Guide curriculum development
  2. Develop evaluation tools

Meetings: The CCC shall on a semi-annually basis in June and December of every academic year.

CCC Timeline

Policy Owner: Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Policy Committee
Policy Approved by: Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Policy Committee
Clinical Competency Committee
Policy Effective Date: July 1, 2014
Policy Review Date: March 1, 2019
ECU Brody School of Medicine and Vidant Health