Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

Conference Schedule

Conferences form an important part of the cardiovascular fellowship training program and a series of case based and didactic lectures have been assembled to meet the educational goals of the program. These include:

  1. Cardiology Morning Report - Cardiology Fellows and faculty meet at 7:00 AM on Thursday morning. The Fellow on call the previous night presents and discusses cases admitted overnight.
  2. Cardiology Grand Rounds - A weekly conference in which Faculty, Fellows and visiting professors present core curriculum talks on cardiac subjects.
  3. Journal Club - At this monthly conference, Faculty and Fellows meet for dinner and discussion of current medical literature.
  4. ECHO Conference - This is a weekly conference which provides detailed education on numerous echocardiographic subjects. Didactic as well as case based learning occurs. Participants are called upon to discuss various echo findings and the format requires open participation by all attendees. Unknown studies are brought by the attendees and open discussion ensues at the end of each conference.
  5. Cath/M&M Conference - This is a weekly conference in which the cath Fellow will present the cases with faculty supervision. On a quarterly basis this conference is used to review morbidity or mortality for that quarter. Fellows are encouraged to use this conference for cath correlation of nuclear, echo, and standard ECG stress test findings.
  6. Cardiology-Pathology Conference - A monthly conference with the Department of Pathology.
  7. Monthly Cardiology-Cardiothoracic Surgery Conference
  8. EP Conference - Basic ICD and pacemaker are reviewed. This occurs weekly.
  9. Monthly Cardiology Research Conference
  10. Fellows/Program Directors Meeting - The first Thursday of each month all the cardiology Fellows meet with the Program Director at 12:00 noon to discuss training program issues and concerns.

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

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