Certificate in Military & Trauma Counseling

The Certificate program in Military and Trauma Counseling (MTC) prepares graduate students enrolled in counselor education programs to work effectively with the psychosocial and mental health needs of military personnel, veterans, disabled veterans, and their families. Students will also acquire the knowledge and skills to work effectively with those who have experienced civilian trauma. The MTC certificate is an all online, 12 semester hour program that requires the completion of the following course work:

  • ADRE 6000 - Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability (3): Functional capacities of individuals with disabilities, impact of disability on individual, and personal and social adjustment to life. Offered Fall and Spring semesters.
  • ADRE 6100 - Occupational Analysis and Career Counseling (3): Current occupational, vocational, career counseling, and career development theories and practices related to persons with and without disabilities across the life-span. Offered Fall and Spring semesters.
  • ADRE 6375 - Military and Trauma Counseling (3): Focuses on providing assessment, counseling, rehabilitation, and transitional services to individuals and families in the military, veterans, and/or trauma survivors. Offered Fall and Spring semesters.

Additionally, students are required to complete one three (3) semester hour elective approved by the MTC Certificate Program Coordinator. ADRE 6703 Foundations of Addictions and Clinical Counseling, a recommended elective, is offered all semesters.


To be eligible for the MTC Certificate Program students must be: (a) admitted by the Graduate School as a degree or certificate student and (b) meet the minimum admission criteria including a letter of intent, a GPA of 2.7, and consent of the MTC Program Coordinator.

Students who are currently in a graduate degree program at ECU who wish to add a certificate may do so by submitting an" Add a Certificate" form. The form can be accessed via (click the 'add a certificate' link and complete the sharepoint form). It is electronically forwarded from the degree program, to certificate program, to the grad school for approval, and then to the Program Coordinator for final acceptance into the MTC Certificate Program. There is no fee. If a student is not in a degree program at ECU and wants to apply for a certificate, then the regular Graduate School admission process is followed with $70 application fee.

For more information, contact Dr. Mark Stebnicki, MTC Program Coordinator by email or phone 252-744-6295. For more extensive information on the Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation, visit our website at

MTC Certificate Program Equivalency for DARS Alumni (pdf)

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