Paul Toriello, RhD, CRC, CCS, LCAS, LPC

Paul Toriello


Dr. Paul Toriello is a Professor and the Chair of the Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies. Dr. Toriello earned his RhD in Rehabilitation, specializing in Substance Related Disorders from the Rehabilitation Institute, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He received a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from Wright State University.

Dr. Toriello's research and training interests include innovation of evidence-based treatments for adults with substance abuse and mental health issues. He is particularly interested in Self-Determination Theory and counselors' support of clients' autonomy. Dr. Toriello has extensive experience with Motivational Interviewing (MI) and the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) including:

  • Practicing and supervising MI and CRA since 1995,
  • Training in Advanced MI (Trainers: William Miller & Terri Moyers),
  • Training as a MI Trainer (Trainers: William Miller, Karen Ingersoll, Chris Wagner),
  • Training in the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity coding system (Trainers: Terri Moyers & Denise Ernst),
  • Training as a "Motivational Interviewing Assessment: Supervisor Tools for Enhancing Proficiency (MIA:STEP)" Trainer (Trainers: Steve Martino & Denise Hall),
  • Extensive training in the CRA (Trainers: various),
  • Membership with the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers since 2003,
  • Receiving an American Rehabilitation Counseling Association Research Award for a study of MI in 2005, and
  • Directing and supervising clinics based on MI and CRA since 1999.

In the role of Principal Investigator or Research Consultant, Dr. Toriello has participated in grant projects funded by SAMHSA, NIH, and other national and regional funding organizations.

Since entering the substance abuse treatment field in 1991, he has worked as a paraprofessional technician, counselor, case manager, clinical supervisor, trainer, and clinical director. Dr. Toriello is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Certified Clinical Supervisor. He has also been in recovery from addiction since 1989.