School of Dental Medicine



The School of Dental Medicine generates new knowledge in the translational, clinical and population sciences, as well as in the areas of health services, health promotion, and health education. The overarching emphasis is on the improvement of oral health. Research in these areas not only offers the potential to improve oral health but also overall health. ECU School of Dental Medicine Community Service Learning Centers across the state provide exceptional access to diverse populations to conduct research to advance clinical care.

The Office of Research supports research and research training and promotes collaboration and mentorship. The Office facilitates the dissemination of information for research opportunities, including funding and award proposals. The Office directs research and research training, including facilitating the routing and submission of grant applications and human and animal protocols, and provides information for research training to support faculty, students, and staff to meet the challenges of conducting research activities. 

The Office of Research was established to:

  • Facilitate the ethical and legal conduct of research and scholarly activity by faculty and students,
  • Provide assistance and oversight for funding proposals,
  • Foster interdisciplinary research within the School, the Division of Health Services and the university,
  • Provide consultation and distribute available resources to support research by faculty and students,
  • Provide a mechanism for tracking and ongoing proposed research,
  • Implement educational programs that advance research and scholarly activity, and
  • Develop and implement strategies to recognize and reward faculty and students who engage in scholarly activity.

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