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Waldemar G. de Rijk, PhD, DDS. MS.
Unit Chief, Biomedical Materials Sciences
Section of Prosthodontics
Clinical Associate Professor
   B.A. - Physics and Astronomy, 1968 University of Amsterdam
   M.S. - Physics, 1970 University of Nebraska Lincoln 
   Ph.D. - Physics, 1974 University of Nebraska Lincoln 
   D.D.S. - Dentistry, 1977 University of Nebraska Lincoln 
   Elected Fellow of the Academy of Dental Materials 1992
Professional Organizations:
   International Association for Dental Research
   American Association for Dental Research
            Member National Council, 2003-2009
            President Chicago Section 2000
            President Memphis Section 2006
   AADR Dental Materials Group
   American Dental Education Association
   American Physical Society
   APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Teaching Areas
Restorative dental materials, biomedical applications of materials, materials engineering and processing.
Research Areas
Performance of dental adhesives, low shrink composites, properties of endodontic posts and esthetic properties of restorative materials.
Biographical Information
Born and raised in the Netherlands, attended high school (Mendel College) in Haarlem. Enrolled at the University of Amsterdam in Physics while a member of the technical staff at the Netherlands Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics.
Came to the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 1968 to pursue graduate studies in Physics with an emphasis on ion-atom collisions. 
Became intrigued with US dentistry and enrolled in the UNL College of Dentistry. Won the IADR Hatton Research Award in 1976.
Joined the NIH NIDR Diagnostic systems