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Simulation trains students to care for patients outside clinical settings
Nursing home health simulation
(9/17/14) — By Kathryn Kennedy
ECU News Services

Al Schreier rocked back in his recliner, surveying the three future Pirate nurses who filled his small apartment. They were there, they explained kindly, to follow up on an injury to Schreier’s leg. He needed his bandage changed, and a general condition assessment.

He listened patiently for a while, nodding as they advised him to limit his smoking and refrain from drinking while on pain medication. But then something else crossed his mind.

“Have you seen my pet cobra?” he asked. “Or my lizard? Sometimes they escape from the terrarium.”

Fortunately for the students, Schreier was not a real patient. The experience was part of a 45-minute simulation for seniors in East Carolina University’s College of Nursing. The fake cockroaches and mice, empty wine bottles and bad habits of their mock patients were intended to convey the unique challenges associated with administering health care in a home setting.


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