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Dr. Paul R.G. Cunningham
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As we prepared this issue of Mission magazine, one hurricane after another roared across the Atlantic only to turn north and pass offshore, causing little more than some rough seas and minor erosion along our coastline.

Similarly, our school has been facing some rough weather in terms of the state’s ongoing financial turmoil and the mix of uncertainty and opportunity sure to come with national health care reform.

Our state’s budget picture continues to be grim. Our expansion plans are on hold, and our indigent care appropriation appears to have been a one-time boost. Nevertheless, our physicians are working harder than ever, and our medical group practice continues to expand its contribution to the revenue pie.

That is also true for our researchers, who are bringing in significant amounts of outside funding for their explorations. Many times, it is our young scientists and physicians who are leading the way. Dr. Jared Brown, whom you may read about in this magazine, is pushing frontiers of nanotechnology with the help of more than $3 million in research grants. Dr. Qing Cao, one of our newest family physicians, has received a five-year, $375,000 grant to study and raise awareness of hospice care.

Simultaneously, our faculty, students and alumni are extending Brody’s compassionate arms to underserved populations as near as the JOY Soup Kitchen on Albemarle Avenue here in Greenville and as far as Central America, Africa and, of course, Haiti. We continue to be a leader in graduating physicians who practice in our home state

Brody will also continue to explore and expand partnerships with University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina. For example, an endoscopy center joint venture is up and running, and we are discussing a joint-venture agreement that could greatly improve the operation and revenues of our Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center. For the best in education, research and patient care, we must have healthy relationships with our health system partner.

Brody will also be working with the new ECU School of Dental Medicine, providing classroom space and sharing faculty members as the first classes of dental students begin their studies. Looking back at the first issues of this alumni magazine reminds me that our school began in Ragsdale Hall on the main campus. It’s only fitting that we give a similar hand to the new dental school, and we look forward to a long, productive relationship.

Thank you for taking some time to read this issue of Mission and learn about some of the people whom we can rightly agree represent the “Best of Brody.” And please keep in touch with your school.

Paul R.G. Cunningham, M.D.
Dean and Senior Associate Vice Chancellor