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  • Laboratory space with capability to draw, process and store blood and urine samples; equipped with two freezers, including a -70° Fahrenheit unit
  • Two Special Studies rooms dedicated to diabetes research designed for infusion studies and clinical evaluations
  • Office space for all research staff
  • Cardiovascular autonomic nervous system reading center; participated in several multi-center clinical trials
  • Equipment to perform quantitative sensory testing, EKGs, Holter and transcutaneous oxygen monitoring, arterial Doppler evaluations, computerized foot pressures/gate measurements and cardiovascular autonomic testing
  • Additionally Lunar heel densitometer and a Lunar DPX bone densitometer with software for A/P spine, proximal femur, total body bone mineral and lateral spine acquisition/analysis, scoliotic spine software, and vertebral height, volumetric density for AP spine height performance database operated by center's staff