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Hope Landrine, PhD is Director of the ECU Center for Health Disparities, and Professor of Public Health and of Psychology. Her research focuses on racial and ethnic disparities in health and health behaviors. She has published more than 109 articles and books on these topics, obtained more than $10 million in research grants, and has received seven national awards for her research, including the 2012 American Psychological Association Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished, Lifetime Contributions to Research on Ethnic Minorities.



  • BA, Psychology, Westminster College (New Wilmington, PA)
  • PhD, Psychology (Clinical), University of Rhode Island (Kingston, RI)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Social Psychology, Stanford University
    (Stanford, CA)
  • National Cancer Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cancer Prevention &
    Control, University of Southern California School of Medicine
    (Los Angeles, CA)

Areas of Interest

  • Cancer disparities
  • Residential segregation
  • Racial and healthcare discrimination
  • Immigration and acculturation
  • Disparities in cigarette smoking and cancer screening
  • Disparities in obesity and physical activity

Hope Landrine CV


Selected Recent Publications

Landrine, H., Corral, I., Simms, D., Roesch, S., et al. (In press). Telephone surveys underestimate cigarette smoking African Americans. Frontiers in Epidemiology.

Elchoufani, E., Efird, JT., O'Neal, WT., Davies, SW., Landrine, H., Biswas, T (In press). Racial disparities, insurance type, and long-term risk of mortality for lung cancer patients in rural Eastern North Carolina. NC Medical Journal.

Landrine, H., and Corral, I. (In press). Targeting Cancer Information to African-Americans: The trouble with talking about disparities. J Health Communication.

O'Neal, W.T., Efird, J.T., Landrine, H., Anderson, C. A., Davies, S. T., O'Neal, J. B., Kindell, L. C., Ferguson, B., Chitwood, W. R., and Kypson, A. P. (In press). The Effect of Preoperative β-blockers on Long-Term Survival among Black Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting patients. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth.

Corral, I., Landrine, H., and Zhao, L. (2013). Residential segregation and obesity among a national sample of Hispanic adults. J Health Psychology. doi:10.1177/1359105312474912.

Bogart, L.M., Landrine, H., Galvan, F.H., Wagner, G.J., and Klein, D.J. (2013). Perceived discrimination and physical health among HIV-positive Black and Latino men who have sex with men. AIDS and Behavior, 17(4), 1431-1441.

Corral, I., and Landrine, H. (2012). Racial Discrimination and Health-Promoting vs. Damaging Behaviors among African-American Adults. J Health Psychology, 17, 1176-1182.

Elk, R., & Landrine, H. (2012). Cancer disparities: Nature and evidence-based solutions. New York: Springer & American Cancer Society.

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Hao, Y., Landrine, H., Smith, T., Kaw, C., Corral, I., and Stein, K. (2011). Residential segregation and disparities in health-related quality of life among Black and White cancer survivors. Health Psychology, 30 (2), 137-144.

Shariff-Marco, S., Breen, N., Landrine, H., Reeve, B. B., Krieger, N., Gee, G.C., Williams, D. R., Mays, V. M., et al (2011). Measuring everyday racial/ethnic discrimination in health surveys. The Du Bois Review, 8(1), 159-177.

Hao, Y., Landrine, H., Jemal, A., Ward, K. C., et al. (2011). Race, neighborhood characteristics, and disparities in receipt of chemotherapy for colorectal cancer. J Epidemiology & Community Health, 65(3),211-217.

Mellerson, J., Landrine, H., Hao, Y., Zhao, L., Corral, I., and Cooper, D. (2010). Residential segregation and physical activity among a national sample of Hispanic adults. Health & Place,16, 613-615.

Pichon, L., C.,Corral, I., Landrine, H., Mayer, J., and Norman, G. (2010). Sun protection behaviors among African Americans. American J Preventive Medicine, 38(3), 288-295.

Landrine, H., Corral, I., Klonoff, E. A., Jensen, J., Kashima, K., Hickman, N., & Martinez, J. (2010). Ethnic disparities in youth access to tobacco. Health Promotion Practice, 11(1), 132-139.