East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute

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Welcome to the East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute (ECDOI) at East Carolina University. The ECDOI is an interdisciplinary research institute jointly supported by the Divisions of Health Sciences and Research & Graduate Studies.

The ECDOI is well known for cutting-edge collaborative research in several fields related to disorders of metabolism, including bariatric surgery, muscle insulin signaling/glucose transport, bioenergetics/exercise physiology, and pediatric healthy weight programs.

The mission of the ECDOI is to promote and coordinate interdisciplinary basic and translational research programs in diabetes and obesity, to support the education and training of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students, and to foster the development of outreach prevention/treatment programs for the people of eastern North Carolina.


Shaikh lab - website
(8/26/14)The Shaikh lab currently has three major projects . 1) The first project is trying to understand how omega-3 fatty acids, modeling pharmacological intake, serve to boost B cell mediated immunity in diet-induced obesity. Obese individuals display poor responses to vaccinations and infections and therefore there is a need to develop therapeutics....
Hickner lab - website
(8/013/14)The Hickner Lab investigates areas of obesity, aging, exercise, nutrition, microvascular blood flow and lipolysis in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. The areas of study have been diverse, encompassing exercise training and nutritional interventions across the lifespan, from prepubescent children to aged individuals. The studies have focused primarily on the regulation....
jon with awards - website
Jon Busada Receives Awards
(8/07/14)Recently, Dr. Chris Geyer and Jonathan Busada attended the Society for the Study of Reproduction conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jon received the Lalor Foundation Merit Award and was named 1 of 6 finalist to compete in the Trainee Platform Competition. Jon presented a talk entitled "Retinoic acid (RA) Regulates Kit translation in Prospermatogonia in the Neonatal Testis: A Novel Non-genomic Mechanism of RA-regulated Gene Expression" and won second place in the competition.
Zeczycki Lab - website
(7/05/14)The Zeczycki Lab’s focuses on determining the mechanisms of catalysis and unraveling the complexities of allosteric regulation of those multifunctional enzymes that are important to the pathogenesis of disease states. Understanding the activity and regulation of these enzymes is critical for the development of effective...

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The ECDOI is comprised of more than 40 faculty members from 17 different departments on both the main and health sciences campus. The Institute is closely aligned with the East Carolina Heart Institute (ECHI) and offers ECDOI- and/or ECHI- affiliated faculty several research support programs, access to core equipment, and opportunities to forge new collaborations through a number of interactive research forums.

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Read more about the ECDOI and all about the research happening at the ECDOI. You can also find out more about how Diabetes and Obesity impacts NC.

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