EchoMRI Quantitative Magnetic Resonance

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EchoMRI Quantitative Magnetic Resonance

The EchoMRI-700 is a self-contained quantitative nuclear magnetic resonance system that provides precise measurements of whole body composition parameters: total body fat mass, lean mass, body fluids and total body water in live rats and mice, from 10-130 g mice and rats up to 500 g, without the need for anesthesia or sedation and in about 1 minute. The systems' daily tuning and calibration are automatic. Data analysis is also automatic and numeric results are stored in a database that can be preconfigured. The system is a stand-alone unit, uses standard power sources, and is completely shielded and safe to run.

This system is maintained by East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute and is open for use to any ECU faculty member who has been approved. There is no reservation necessary to use this system.

EchoMRI user manual

EchoMRI system FAQs

Operating instructions

Before using the machine for the first time, all PIs must

  1. File an amendment to their AUP requesting approval to use the machine for body composition determinations. Please indicate the species. Also indicate that you will follow the SOP listed below
  2. Contact Jim Aloor for scheduling, training, and access to the room (GW57).


  • Never power off the system. If there is a loss of power, the unit must be turned on for at least 48 h before it is ready.
  • Never calibrate the system – it is precalibrated. If the data appears odd, save all data and contact Jim Aloo immediately. He will contact the company for support.

Standard Operating Procedure

  1. Open EchoMRI program, icon on desktop.
  2. Select/create folder to save the raw data, Folder -> borrow/new.
  3. Place solid calibration holder (for either rat or mouse) into MRI.
  4. Preform system test once each day, prior to first measurement, system test—not calibration -> primary accumulation -> 4 ->yes. The process takes about 4 min to complete test.
  5. Remove calibration holder from machine.
  6. Place mouse/rat in appropriate sized holder and slide adjustable barrier to minimize area of movement for animal. Some degree of mobility is fine and will not compromise measurement. Metal eartags currently in use by DCM are virtually non-magnetic and will not affect the animal, machine, or measurements.
  7. Enter label information, Pre-scan label -> enter label, weight, and comments (if desired). The weight will not affect data calculations – is only for your own record keeping.
  8. Select primary accumulation time and species, 1, 4, or 9 minutes -> mice or rats -> yes for water stage.
  9. Start scan
  10. After scanning choose where you want to save the text file, click edit/extract -> Extract table
  11. Remove rodent from tube holder and wipe out any urine/feces , bedding or gross debris with brush/paper towels before proceeding to next animal.
  12. Once all measurements have been performed, wash tube holders and sanitize all parts. Sanitization washing must occur between different strains, species, and principal investigators’ animals to prevent potential cross contamination of rodent pathogens. Contact DCM if you have any questions.