MouseTraxx CASA System

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MouseTraxx CASA System

The MouseTraxx sperm analysis system provides fast, accurate, and reliable sperm analysis. The system can be used to quickly determine velocity, motility, count and concentration.


The system is located on the 4th floor of the East Carolina Heart Institute in room 4302A. Please contact the Geyer Lab for more information.

Microscope and Camera

  • Olympus CX41 Microscope with Trinocular Head (camera ready)
  • 4x Dark Field Objective
  • 10x Negative Phase Objective
  • 60 Hz RS-170 Camera (provides capability to read/record in NTSC format)
  • MiniTherm Stage Warmer
  • Illumination IR/Red Combo Filter
  • Full Turret Condenser- for Olympus CX41
  • 20x Positive Phase Objective

Animal Motility Software

  • Percents, Counts and Concentrations of total, motile, progressive and static cells
  • Velocities: Average Path (VAP), Curvilinear (VCL), Straight line (VSL)
  • Motion Parameters: Linearity (LIN), Straightness (STR), Beat Cross Frequency (BCF), Amplitude of Lateral
  • Head Displacement (ALH)
  • Morphometric Parameters: Head Size, Elongation
  • 4 Level Quality Control including Playback and QC Plots (Size, Intensity, Elongation)

Data Management Software


Provides capability for export of delimited ASCII data files of all calculated and manually-entered data to external programs, spreadsheets, database, etc. External programs not included.

Clinical Filing System

Automatic storage of reports into electronic filing system. Also allows for the creation of 3 user-defined reports. Future retrieval and printout of reports using the included reader program. Reader may also be installed on an external computer.

HT InScribe Report Designer & Manager for design and storage of unlimited reports. Insert images/logos. Includes security key. Multi- language.

Motility Image Storage

Enables storage of raw digital image files (motility programs only). Ability to store analysis parameters with images. Images may be recalled and reanalyzed with saved or new parameters. Either one or all fields may be stored and recalled. One-touch sequential image retrieval and analysis.

SORT Software

Provides 3 user-definable Sorting Criteria for isolating sub-populations of sperm (for example: Hyperactivated sperm). Any one of the 3 Sorts may be used to delete cells from the final analysis results. Ability to invert Sort results.