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Odyssey Infrared Imaging System

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Odyssey Infrared Imaging System

The Odyssey Infrared Imaging System introduces a new standard for Western blot analysis – direct infrared fluorescence detection. Infrared detection gives you the quantitative analysis and wide linear dynamic range that chemiluminescence and visible fluorescence cannot. Strong and weak bands on the same blot are accurately detected without multiple exposures or time in the darkroom, and the signal is stable indefinitely. The Odyssey System gives you sharp, reproducible bands without fuzziness or “blowout”. Bands hidden by overexposure with chemiluminescence become clear when imaged with Odyssey. 

Odyssey is uniquely equipped with two infrared channels for direct fluorescence detection on membranes. With two detection channels, you can probe two separate targets in the same experiment. Quantification accuracy is increased when the second color is used for normalization. 

Odyssey provides a flexible, multifunctional platform to accommodate a variety of applications, so you get the data you need right away from Western blots, Coomassie gels, EMSA experiments, and cell-based assays.

The Odyssey Imaging System is the only imaging system on the market that employs a patented direct-detection system with two separate solid state lasers to detect infrared dye-labeled conjugates and near infrared stains and, therefore, should be considered as a sole source. This technology offers exceptional versatility and a wide linear dynamic detection range compared to other imaging systems on the market for measuring protein and DNA. The use of two channels allows two separate targets to be visualized and quantified simultaneously. In addition, the system employs the use of infrared and near-infrared dyes coupled to lasers for excitation which reduces the cost of individual analyses by permitting the dye to be attached directly to the protein or DNA fragment thereby eliminating the additional step of using an enzyme to produce the fluorescence. Other unique features include two infrared, solid state laser diodes emitting at 685 nm +5 nm and 785 nm + nm as the means of excitation of fluorescent labels, and a detection system based on single point detection by cooled Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) to ensure high quantum efficiency of the signal detected. 

The versatility of the Odyssey system is a unique feature and of significant benefit to researchers. Its applications include Western blots, In-Cell WesternTM (ICW), On-Cell Western (OCW), FLISA, Protease Assays, Protein and Nucleic Acid Arrays (spot size recommended to be >150μm), Tissue section analysis, Coomassie stained gel detec- tion (1D & 2D, superior sensitivity to SyproRuby), Small Animal Imaging, non-isotopic EMSAs, Northern and Southern Blot.