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Konica SRX-101A Tabletop Processor

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Konica SRX-101A Tabletop Processor

The Konica Minolta SRX-101A film processor is easy to operate, yet produces powerful images. The SRX-101A has a space saving design and energy saving features. The innovative design makes cleaning easy and simplifies maintenance. The SRX-101A also includes a quiet and consistent drying system. Additional design features listed below.

Innovative design and quality features:

  • Automatic standby mode to conserve water and energy use
  • Stable dryer and developer temperatures
  • Light tight feed tray cover
  • 17-inch wide film transport
  • Many small films can be processed side-by-side

Maximum Versatility in a Tabletop Design

The Konica Minolta SRX-101A film processor has three processing cycle speeds set inside the processor.

  • 90 Second Super Rapid Processing Cycle
  • 120 Second Standard Processing Cycle
  • 180 Second Extended Processing Cycle

BlueRidge X-Ray will service the system on a monthly basis.

Location: ECHI 4303, Chemical Histology

Room is locked when in use. Fill out a key request at admin desk to gain access.

Operating instructions

How to startup the processor

  1. Turn power on (right side)
  2. Close all valves (bottom front, see image)
  3. Hit Run (front, top right)
  4. Wait for ready light (about 30 minutes)

Before running a film

  • All valves must be closed
  • Ready light is on
  • Do not hit funnel button beside run, drains all chemicals
  • Check developer and fixer supply tanks
  • Make sure silver trap in the sink is connected (see image)

How to run a film

  1. No light in room when film is exposed
  2. Open developer lid
  3. Align film on either edge to ensure film runs straight
  4. Developer will automatically feed
  5. Close lid, you can turn on lights at this time
  6. Developer beeps after every film is complete
  7. Water and chemical will drain into sink drain

How to shutdown the processor

  1. Turn off power
  2. Open wash valve to drain water (front left)
  3. DO NOT open fix or dev valves

How to mix chemicals

  1. When chemicals volumes are below 5 Gal, a new mix is needed
  2. One bottle of developer + 19 gallons of tap water (fill to 24 Gal line if you started at 5 Gal line)
  3. Fixer has 2 parts, both bottles + 19 gallons of tap water
  4. DO NOT get fixer in the developer, if this happens throw out entire batch
  5. DO NOT mix the stirrers