ECDOI Clinical Research

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Clinical Research

Clinical research is major focus of ECDOI. For faculty, we understand working with human patients and adhering to all the requirements is a daunting task. To lower this barrier for starting up a clinical project, we have setup a system with our dedicated staff to assist you. If you are interested in a new project or just want to collect some preliminary data, they can help you get started.


Angela Clark - Clinical Research Nurse

Patricia Brophy - Clinical Research Project Coordinator

Gabriel Dubis - Clinical Research Coordinator

Together they can assist you in the following areas:

  • Ensuring compliance with recruiting, evaluating, and instructing clinical research volunteers including all facets of informed consent
  • Developing IRB protocols, applications, and amendments
  • Assisting preparation of grant budgets
  • Ensuring research projects adhere to all HIPAA regulations
  • Coordinating subject recruitment, scheduling and execution of clinical trials
  • Oversight of tissue and blood collection, processing, and analysis

Beyond preliminary consultations or hourly procedures, investigators can buy out a percentage of their time to complete a study. Currently about 40% of their time has been bought out by ECDOI investigators.


You will not need to worry about purchasing most clinical supplies upfront for a new or ongoing study. All common supplies will be stocked. All users of the facility are required to schedule time and procedures on the BookIt Lab site, more info below. PIs/Labs will be billed each month by procedure to recover the cost of supplies. For small and/or pilot projects, assistance with tissue and blood collection by ECDOI staff is available at an hourly rate. Our goal is to make it easier to get started on a project, to maximize the resources available, and to provide a fair and easy-to-use system to cover the cost of clinical supplies and services.

For general questions or information about BookIt Lab please contact ECDOI. For more details on the services offered and supplies please contact Angela and Patty.

We keep supplies in stock for a variety of procedures listed below, so you don't have to buy in bulk every time. This list will continue to expand overtime.

Procedure Cost for Supplies
(per patient)
Procedure Time
BookIT Reservation
Rate (per hour)
IVGTT $66.86 4 $16.715
Blood Draw $3.10 0.5 $6.2
IV Placement with Blood Draw$6.720.5$13.44 
Muscle Biopsy $23.75 1 $23.75
Microdialysis $25.38 6 $4.23
OGTT $18.16 2 $9.08
Adipose Tissue Biopsy $12.94 1 $12.94
12 lead exercise EKG testing $18.25 1 $18.25
Resting EKG testing $7.65 0.5 $15.3

Interpretation Rate
12 lead exercise EKG Interpretation $30.00
Resting EKG Interpretation $10.00

*All supplies will be kept in stock
**Cost does not include nurse or technical
***Reservation rate is for billing purposes. Book each procedure for the specified time per patient.

Staff Rate (per hour)
Nurse $39.64
Technician $32.05

*Not applicable to investigators with % time buyout already in place

Booking the clinical procedures

Every investigator must reserve time for any work done in the clinical research area. The BookIT lab software is used to keep track of procedures for billing purposes, but also to monitor the capacity of the clinical space. Below are some instructions for how to make a reservation.

ECDOI BookIT Lab Page

How to view the calendar

Clinical research

Click the calendar icon beside clinical research to get a daily view of all procedures, or click the individual calendar icons for a weekly view per procedure.

Daily view with all procedures

Single day

Weekly view for a single procedure


Booking a reservation

Reservation 1

Use the "online service" drop down menu to select the correct procedure. Make sure to use the appropriate start/end time for each procedure for billing purposes. Each procedure's cost is based on the supplies per patient at an expected length of time, noted in the table above. If you have multiple patients, book them separately. You can also add in a note for special instructions.