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ECDOI Facilities and Equipment

The East Carolina Diabetes and Obesity Institute (ECDOI) is comprised of more than 40 faculty members from 17 different departments. In December 2013, construction of a 37,000 sq. ft. research laboratory located on the 4th floor of the East Carolina Heart Institute will be completed. In the new facilities many of the ECDOI investigators will share the collaborative research environment to carryout the institutes mission, to coordinate interdisciplinary basic and translational research programs in diabetes and obesity. Included in this facility are offices for 24 faculty and administration, cubicles for 78 students, postdocs, and staff, a large open lab with 40 lab benches each with seating for 2-3, 24 separate specialty laboratories including 5 cell culture labs, 1 virus lab, 1 radio isotope lab, 3 large core equipment labs, 3 imaging rooms, and an animal facility with 4 holding rooms and 2 procedure rooms.

Equipment available within the ECDOI facility will include a mitochondrial phenotyping core facility (6 Oroboros O2K high resolution respirometers, 2 Jobin Yvon Horiba Fluromax-3 Spectrofluorometers, 2 Jobin Yvon Horiba Fluorolog Spectrofluorometers, Seahorse Biosciences XF24 Analyzer), Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber work station, Beckman UniCel DxC600i Clinical Analyzer, Vi-Cell S Cell Viability Analyzer, Shimadzu HPLC and GC, Nanodrop 1000, 3x Milli-Q water systems, EndoPAT 2000 vascular tone/flow analyzer, Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System, ABI 7900 TaqMan and a ViIA 7 Real-time PCR Detection System, Synergy H1 Hybrid plate reader, Liconplex 200 multiplex, Microm HM 550 Crystat, Sorvall WX80 Ultracentrifuge, 2 Sorvall Legend XT Centrifuges, Olympus FV1000 confocal and multiphoton microscope, Olympus IX-70 polarization microscope, 2 Leica DMI 4000B fluorescent microscopes, Li-Cor Odyssey Gel imager, Labnet Enduro GDS DNA Gel imager, UVP EpiChem3 Darkroom UV imager, analytical scales, pH meters, and a Perkin Elmer 2800TR scintillation counter. Cell culture labs will include 11 biosafety cabinets, and chemical prep labs include access to 6 fume hoods. Additionally, there is a large liquid nitrogen dewar storage lab, 3 autoclaves, ice machine, glassware washer, and space for more than 30 refrigerators and freezers.

In the adjacent building in the Brody School of Medicine, equipment available to ECDOI will include a TSE-Systems PhenoMaster/LabMaster rodent calorimetry system (determines O2 consumption, CO2 production, metabolic rate, food/water intake, activity in x-y-z planes & optional running wheel activity for 16 rats or mice simultaneously).

115 Heart Drive, 4101 ECHI
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