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Privacy Practices
Prácticas de Privacidad


Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The patient and responsible party have these rights

  • Equal access to health care and medically appropriate treatment.
  • Considerate and respectful care, during which their personal, cultural and spiritual values or beliefs are considered when treatment choices are made.
  • Freedom from all forms of abuse or harassment.
  • A primary provider who becomes primarily responsible for care management.
  • To request a change of a provider or a second opinion.
  • To know the names, titles and roles of all providers involved in their care.
  • To know that that Brody School of Medicine is a center for health care learners and to know whether any learners will be part of their care, as well as the right to refuse any learner’s participation.
  • Access to interpreter services when they are unable to speak or understand English or when they are hearing impaired.
  • Participation in health care decision-making before and during health care by receiving information about their diagnosis, conditions, recommended treatments, with an explanation of benefits and risks as well as alternatives explained in terms that the patient understands.
  • To refuse recommended treatments to the extent permitted by law and to be informed of the possible consequences of the refusal.
  • To know if the treatment involves experimental or research methods and to refuse participation.
  • Advanced health care decisions through advanced directives, a living will, or durable power of attorney for health care.
  • Privacy during all health care encounters to the extent possible.
  • Confidentiality of health care information as protected by federal and state laws and internal policy. Health care information will be released only upon written authority of the patient or responsible party or in accordance with federal and state laws.
  • Requests for information will be provided to the extent allowed by federal and state laws and internal policies.


The patient and responsible party are expected to share in the responsibilities for their health care to the best of their ability and are expected to
  • Provide information about their health including past illnesses, emergency room visits and hospital stays, medication usage, and concerns related to their present health.
  • Take part in the medical decision-making, including the decision to refuse care and assume responsibility for refusing care or treatment.
  • Inform health care providers of any possible problems in following health care instructions.
  • Ask questions to understand health care, medical or financial, information or instructions.
  • Plan for non-emergency care by making, keeping and arriving on time to health care appointments.
  • Notify ECU Physicians as soon as possible that a health care appointment needs to be canceled.
  • Provide timely financial information including insurance or other methods of payments; pay bills in a timely way or ask questions about the billing or payment methods.
  • Be respectful of others, their property and ECU Physicians.