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Adolescent Care

If you're the parent of a teenager, you know those years can be difficult.

That's why ECU Physicians offers adolescent medicine services. We welcome patients from ages 11 to 25 to see the area's only board-certified physician in adolescent medicine. What's more, we have male and female staff physicians, so your teenager or adolescent will feel comfortable.

Changes can take place quickly during these years and teenagers don't always feel at ease talking with a pediatrician. Their health issues may have more in common with adults than children, too.

That's where we come in. Whether your teenager or young adult needs to talk about weight and healthy eating, exercise and sports physicals, or illnesses like asthma or diabetes, we're ready to listen.

Young patients may also need to talk about their developing sexuality. For girls, these may include problems with menstruation, cramps, heavy bleeding or delayed menstruation; for boys, emissions, unusual development and delayed puberty. For all young patients, birth control options and avoiding sexually transmitted diseases can be discussed accurately and confidentially with our physicians and nurses.

To allow teenagers and young adults to talk openly, we see our patients without their parents present during a part of their appointment. Confidentiality allows them to ask questions they may not feel comfortable sharing with a parent.

Mood swings may also come with the age. We can help diagnose which ones are normal and when they may be more serious concerns such as depression, which often goes untreated in young patients.

Young moms can be seen with their babies at the same appointment. We provide wellness check-ups and immunizations for mother and child at the one time.

We have same-day appointments in case of sudden, serious illness or injury. Our staff nurse is always available to hear your concerns and schedule the best appointment time for you.