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Autism Care


Additional information

Here are some links to information you may find useful.

National Institutes of Health – Autism

National Institutes of Health – Asperger syndrome

The Department of Health and Human Services


A service of the United States National Library and the National Institutes of Health

Autism Speaks

An advocacy, research and educational organization founded in 2005.

The Autism Consortium

A collaborative of families, researchers, clinicians, and donors whose mission is to improve the care of children and families affected by autism and other neurological disorders.


TEACCH is a Teaching, Expanding, Appreciating, Collaborating, Cooperating and Holistic approach to autism spectrum disorders based at the University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill. The Greenville location of TEACCH is located next to the Family Autism Center at 108 - D West Fire Tower Road, South Hall Professional Center, Winterville, N.C.