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Cancer Care


Lung Cancer Program

(Thoracic Oncology)

If you have a lung cancer diagnosis, you want the most advanced treatments from an outstanding, caring staff. The ECU Physicians Lung Cancer Program (thoracic oncology) offers the newest treatments and a focus on providing the best possible quality of life for our patients.

Treatments today can extend a patient’s life by reducing tumors and relieving the associated symptoms of lung cancer, such as pain and difficulty breathing. The outlook for patients is better than ever.

Our Lung Cancer Program offers the combined approaches of surgery, chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs) and radiation to reduce and eliminate lung tumors. You may qualify for cyberknife procedures that allow us to treat tumors without open surgery. We can also reduce tumors using cryosurgery, a freezing technique. Often breathing can be improved through procedures such as bronchial stenting in which a stent, or small mesh tube, is surgically inserted to open obstructed airways.

Working as a team we determine the best program of care and will be there throughout your treatments. In addition to your physicians, your team may include a social worker, oncology nurses, patient care coordinator and clinical trials nurses. We also have nutrition and medication counseling and patient financial counseling.

Our Lung Cancer Program brings together several specialists for the best possible treatment. Your team will include these specialists

  • pulmonologist (respiratory medicine)
  • medical oncologist (chemotherapy)
  • radiation oncologist (radiation therapy)
  • thoracic surgeon (chest and lung procedures)

This team meets weekly to review all cases and update treatment approaches. You can ask questions and expect clear, understandable answers from your treatment team.

We are proud to work in partnership with the Linnebarger Cancer Center in Chapel Hill to offer clinical trials of new treatments. You may be considered for participation in these programs if you qualify.

The program is directed by Dr. Paul Walker, FACP.


Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center

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