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Our dermatologists (skin specialists) diagnose and care for all skin problems. We treat common problems of the skin, hair and nails, such as acne, skin discolorations or scarring, as well as more advanced skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. We also provide consultations for patients at Vidant Medical Center.

We perform important screenings to find and treat dangerous skin cancers. When skin cancer is found, we remove small tumors and help develop a treatment plan to stop its spread to other parts of the body. We now offer Mohs micrographic surgery with excellent results in treating common forms of skin cancer. Mohs surgery allows us to remove affected areas with less scarring and better precision. We are among the few practices to offer this in-office procedure in the region. Because people enjoy outdoor activities year round eastern North Carolina, they are at greater risk for skin cancers.

In addition, we offer V-beam laser treatments for dilated blood vessels as a consequence of skin diseases like rosacea, birth marks (vascular) or too much sun. We treat acne, warts and other skin disorders.