Heart and Vascular Care

Children's Heart Care and Surgery

Our pediatric heart specialists evaluate and treat children’s heart conditions from before birth through the teenage years. We use child-friendly approaches that are customized for a child’s physical and emotional development. They include advanced ultrasound and catheterization. We also perform fetal cardiac ultrasound to detect possible heart conditions unborn children.

Our pediatric surgeons are specially trained to perform open-heart surgery and other interventional treatments in children and, when appropriate, perform fetal surgical intervention.

We work closely with the Pediatric Outpatient Center and James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital.

Our care includes:

  • pediatric cardiology
  • pediatric heart surgery
  • pediatric critical care
  • evaluation of irregular heart beat (arrhythmia), heart murmurs, fainting (syncope)
  • congenital (from birth) heart defects

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Pediatric Cardiology
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