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Travelers Clinic

If you traveling to another country, our International Travelers Clinic has the consultation, evaluation and immunization to make sure you travel safely abroad. With the latest in tropical and travel medicine, we match prevention with your destination country or region.

You may need to take precautions before visiting countries where water and sewer systems, and general hygiene differ from those in the United States. You may get sick from bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, insets, parasites or pest-borne diseases which can be serious or deadly.

Common precautions include hepatitis and tetanus vaccines. We can also help you avoid illnesses related to unsafe foods and water.

Appointments are recommended four weeks ahead of the scheduled travel when possible.

Doctors Park #6A
Stantonsburg Road

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252 744 4500

Please visit our department’s web page for more information about our International & Tropical Travel Clinic.