Rehabilitation Medicine

Diagnosis and EMG

The right treatment starts with finding the cause of your pain or disability. Your rehabilitation evaluation may take place while you are hospitalized or you may be referred to our office. Your doctor may also refer you to us when other treatments have not worked for your pain or disability.

One way to find the cause of pain or disability is to test nerves in the affected areas. Evaluations known as electrodiagnostic tests can uncover nerve injury or disease. For instance, wrist and arm pain may come from nerve pressure known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Or it may come from tendon or muscle overuse. We evaluate nerve damage related to diabetes, from accidents and trauma, from Lou Gehrig's Disease or ALS; from Bell's Palsy; from cranial nerve disorders and others.

Our electrodiagnostic tests are offered without a hospital stay five days a week. We also provide inpatient diagnostic testing for hospitalized patients seven days a week. Same-day appointments are available for urgent and emergency situations. These studies require about an hour. A mild sedative or topical anesthetic cream will be used to alleviate discomfort, especially in children.

We provide these types of electrodiagnostic testing:

  • Electromyography, or EMG
  • Nerve conduction study, or NCS
  • Visual evoked potential, or VEP
  • Somatosensory evoked potential, or SEP