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Rehabilitation Medicine

Musculoskeletal and Spine Center

People with severe or chronic pain that has not responded to other treatments can benefit from care at our the Musculoskeletal and Spine Center.

This center combines the compassionate approaches of our board-certified physicians with the newest treatment approaches. This center will focus on patients experiencing severe back and extremity pain.

Patients who are referred to this center will benefit from invasive pain management treatments such as:
- Fluoroscopically-guided injections
- Ultrasound-guided injections
- Epidural injections
- Nerve-block injections

Because these are more intense treatments, they are provided only by referral from a physician. We invite a patient’s regular physician to remain closely involved in the long-term care program.

Treatment at this center may last several months and will provide an optimal level of care for our patients. We will also create a program of long-term pain management that allows patients to return to their regular, or primary care, doctor.

NOTE TO PHYSICIANS: Long-term management of narcotic medication will continue to be directed by a patient’s primary care doctor.

The Musculoskeletal and Spine Center
2325 Stantonsburg Road
Greenville NC 27834