Rehabilitation Medicine

What is rehabilitation?

Illness and accidents can cause muscle weakness, loss of limbs, imbalance or pain. You may need special exercises to regain your strength and abilities. You may also need to adjust to permanent changes so you can return to your normal activities.

Your doctor may recommend the care of a rehabilitation medicine specialist to guide your recovery. A rehabilitation doctor will help you recover from or adjust to injuries to bones, muscles, tissues and nervous system (such as traumatic brain injury or stroke).

Our doctors offer programs that may include:

  • therapeutic exercises
  • heat, ice, massage
  • injections of steroids, pain medication, nerve blocks or a combination of them
  • speech therapy
  • physical therapy, occupational therapy or recreational therapy
  • hydrotherapy (in water or using water)
  • ultrasound (high-pitched sound waves that create deep healing heat)

Rehabilitation may take place in the hospital (inpatient rehabilitation) or during office visits (outpatient rehabilitation).

Other forms of rehabilitation assist in recovering from or adjusting to spinal cord injuries, sports injures, back pain, fibromyalgia, amputations and chronic pain., Your program may include use of a prosthetic limb or other adapted equipment.

Your program will end when you have regained as much of your former ability as possible. Rehabilitation may continue for as long as you are seeing progress. That may be several months.