Rehabilitation Medicine

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Our pediatric rehabilitation care offers kid-friendly settings and age-appropriate approaches.

Our nationally accredited inpatient rehabilitation unit is the only one of its kind in the eastern part of the state. We care for children overcoming the effects of serious infections, injuries, cancer or trauma. We assist children with long-term conditions related to spinal cord injury, birth defects and spina bifida, helping them develop their full potential.

Some illnesses interfere with a child's development. Their recovery requires physical, mental, recreational, intellectual and speech therapies. We make sure they continue to develop normally as they recover from serious illness, injury or trauma. They may return home with special equipment. We fit for braces, wheelchairs, prosthetics and other equipment and guide patients of all ages in the use of assistive technology. Our goal is to allow children to return to their home, school and community.

We have several specialized children's programs

  • multidisciplinary clinic for pediatric brain injury
  • management for patients with spinal cord injury, spina bifida, brain injury, amputee, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy
  • treatment and approaches for feeding difficulties
  • recovery from oncology and cardiopulmonary conditions

Our outpatient pediatric rehabilitation programs take place in one of our medical offices. Your appointment may last an hour or longer depending on your doctor's recommendations. We have programs for kids recovering from sports-related injuries, or who need conditioning. We also treat brain and spinal injuries, cerebral palsy and congenital birth defects. We fit prosthetic limbs after amputations and have wheelchairs and other adapted equipment.

Developmental delays, learning disabilities and related rehabilitation services are provided by our pediatric specialists.