Cardiovascular Imaging Center

East Carolina Heart Institute at ECU

115 Heart Drive
Greenville, NC 27834



available in front of the building

Our Cardiovascular Imaging Center is located within the East Carolina Heart Institute at ECU, a pioneering institute offering all heart care in one location. Patients can walk from the doctor’s office to the heart test and can even have blood work completed without making additional appointments at separate medical offices. Our imaging center has all heart evaluations such as the stress test, echocardiogram and perfusion imaging. We have vascular ultrasound of the carotid artery and peripheral vascular studies of extremities. We have computerized tomography-angiography (CTA), echocardiography, vascular ultrasound, and diagnostic chest x-rays.

Our state-of-the-art imaging equipment employs a dual head camera system to scan the heart, providing information rapidly and with reduced radiation exposure for patients. Using the latest custom software, we can provide quantitative analysis of blood flow and wall motion (heart function) in precise two- or three-dimensional images of the heart.

Patients can have all pre-operative testing at our imaging center before heart surgery. Our physicians have extensive clinical experience allowing them to accurately evaluate coronary artery disease and cardiac function.

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