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Travel Medicine

If you traveling to another country, our International Travelers Clinic has the consultation, evaluation and immunization to make sure you travel safely abroad. With the latest in tropical and travel medicine, we match prevention with your destination country or region.

You may need to take precautions before visiting countries where water and sewer systems, and general hygiene differ from those in the United States. You may get sick from bacteria, viruses, fungal infections, insets, parasites or pest-borne diseases which can be serious or deadly.

Common precautions include hepatitis and tetanus vaccines. We can also help you avoid illnesses related to unsafe foods and water. The clinic is a North Carolina State Department of Health-designated center for yellow fever vaccine.

Appointments are recommended six weeks ahead of the scheduled travel when possible.

View a letter for prospective travelers (pdf)

During Your Visit

During the clinic visit, travelers will be counseled regarding health and health related issues that they might encounter during their trip. Discussions will be tailored based on a traveler's itinerary, length of stay and adventurous nature of the trip. Advice will include malaria and vaccine preventable diseases risk assessment. Additionally advise regarding water and food safety, insect precautions and accident and injury avoidance will be made. Travelers would be made aware of the occurrence of any disease outbreaks in their international destinations.

Please provide us with:

  • A detailed itinerary, including dates of travel and countries you will be entering; this includes any airport layovers that may be in your itinerary.
  • Any specific regions you will be visiting or overnighting in, in your country of destination, and any specific activities, e.g. trekking, you may be undertaking while there.
  • A record of your immunizations, either from your primary physician, the North Carolina Immunization Registry, or any other sources. If you have a Certificate of International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis , aka "Yellow Card", you should bring this to your appointment.
  • A current list of any medications you may be on, if any.

Each traveler will be provided with printed information regarding health and health related issues in the destination country, requirements for vaccinations and information on the prevention of diarrhea disease and insect borne illnesses. Additionally, travelers will receive a copy of the Vaccine Information Statements (VI'S) for each vaccine administered.

Services provided in the travel clinic include (but not limited to):

  • Immunizations for vaccine preventable diseases
  • Medication for malaria prophylaxis, as appropriate for the planned itinerary
  • Instruction and advice regarding insect repellents and insect protection
  • Instructions for the management and treatment of travelers' diarrhea
  • Advice regarding health related risks and prevention for the planned itinerary
  • Post travel evaluation
  • Issuance of the International Certificate of Vaccination "the yellow card"

Scheduling an Appointment

Pre-travel consultations are available by appointment only. Because several weeks may be required to complete a needed vaccine series, it is recommended that the initial appointment be held at least six weeks before departure. Travelers should telephone for an appointment two weeks before that. When this is not feasible, we will attempt to meet the travelers' need as much as possible. Every traveler is advised to bring his/her prior vaccination records to the clinic visit. Travelers who are calling for follow-up booster vaccines will be scheduled as a traveler nurse visit.

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