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ECU Physicians Administration

This site is designed to assist staff in accessing information related to the operations of the practice. ECU Physicians Administration supports ECU Physicians offering a wide variety of services and options for the care of our patients throughout eastern North Carolina. ECU Physicians Administration is comprised of departments to support the clinical operations and departments.

Patient Access maintains the registration process and scheduling of patient appointments.

Clinical Financial Services is responsible for billing, collections and managed care.

Health Information Systems/Services' primary objective is the development, maintenance, and continued enhancement of the clinical information system and Clinical IT manages access to electronic health record.

The Pharmacy offers services to our patients, clinics and staff. Pharmacies are located in 517 Moye Medical Center, Bernstein Center, Family Medicine Center, and Leo W. Jenkins Cancer Center.

Social Work and Case Management provides assistance to our patient population through social workers, case management and language services.

The Contact Center provides service in processing telephone call requests for general information, patient appointments, referrals, prescription refills and medical test results during and after regular business hours.

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