ECU Physicians Electronic Health Record

Welcome to the Clinical Financial Services Training Department webpage! As the Training Department, it is our primary responsibility to educate clinical employees, front end staff, and Clinical Financial Services staff on the different functionalities of ECU-Physicians Electronic Health Record [EHR].

What is EHR?

EHR is ECU and Vidant Medical Center's electronic medical record, patient billing and scheduling system, based on cutting edge technology developed by EPIC Systems of Madison, WI. Through EHR, we unite the electronic aspects of the work of Vidant and BSOM by:

  • Eliminating hassles of data flow and multiple viewing platforms, 
  • Easing the work of our providers, 
  • Increasing patient safety, 
  • Increasing patient satisfaction 
  • Improving our ability to focus on our patients’ care.

What are the different applications?

EHR consists of many different applications. For the Clinical Financial Services Revenue Cycle, the following applications apply (as described by Epic):

Prelude - Prelude® makes registration intuitive, efficient, and virtually error-proof. It provides a single patient registration record for all care settings and patient types - allowing patients to receive care from different facilities/physicians without providing the same information repeatedly. Tailored workflows, wizards, and extensive error checking help users complete registrations swiftly and accurately, while HIPAA-compliant electronic eligibility and address verification help ensure accurate billing. Rules-based workqueues efficiently organize follow up activity according to flexible criteria, targeting problem registrations and delegating follow up to the appropriate staff. With Prelude, patients benefit from fast, efficient service, and your organization profits from high productivity, rapid reimbursement, and increased customer satisfaction.

Cadence - Cadence® makes it easy for users to schedule any type of visit or procedure from anywhere in your organization. It also enhances your ability to keep appropriate slots open, take patient preferences into account, and deliver high-quality service that will distinguish your organization in today's competitive healthcare marketplace.

Our enterprise scheduling system serves as an intelligent partner for users, providing context-specific instructions, conflict checking, and solutions for complicated appointment searches. Comprehensive rules-based scheduling features accommodate the needs of each clinician, room, and piece of equipment, optimizing the use of staff and capital resources throughout your organization.

Cadence's core scheduling components help users find appointments quickly and ensure that you make the best use of available resource

  • Rules based scheduling engine
  • Point of service features
  • Referral tracking
  • Hospital scheduling
  • Open access/open schedule support
  • Call center triaging
  • Chart and film tracking

Resolute - Resolute® Professional Billing provides comprehensive billing and accounts receivable tools for ambulatory care environments and hospital professional fees. It helps organizations streamline charge entry, payment posting, and follow activities while supporting paperless collection processes. Using the same necessity checking/claim scrubbing capabilities as the Resolute Hospital System, Resolute Professional helps ensure clean claims and minimizes payor denials. Complex organizations can use Resolute to track revenue from individual facilities and departments while supporting multiple coverage classes. At every stage, the system's comprehensive reporting tools allows executives to analyze financial performance, encouraging more informed operational decisions.

Resolute is a comprehensive billing system for ambulatory care, giving financial staff the tools they need to submit clean accurate claims and ensure timely reimbursement.

  • Point-of-service co-pay and prior balance collection
  • Retroadjudication
  • Benefits engine
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Anesthesia billing
  • Dental billing
  • Case rate billing

Referral Module - The referral module provides the platform for users within the organization to process all the various information relevant to referrals and authorizations. It assists with streamlining the referral scheduling process, obtaining appropriate pre-certifications and authorizations through insurance agencies and outside organizations, and patient notifications regarding these processes. As with Prelude, rules-based workqueues efficiently organize follow up activity according to flexible criteria, targeting concerns within the referral process and delegating follow up to the appropriate staff. The referral module allows patients to benefit from faster referral processes, which increases the organization's customer service and satisfaction, as well as increasing quality of patient care.


We have a duty to teach our learners how to provide care using tools that will enhance their work and a duty to provide the highest quality of patient care. Please visit the different areas of this website for more information on EHR and what the Training Department has to offer, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.