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Geriatrics Fellowship

Program Overview

Geriatrics Patient Room

The Geriatric Fellowship program at East Carolina University was one of the first in the country. This program was established in 1984 and was accredited by The Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) in 1988. Each year, we will take up to four fellows and we are approaching 60 graduates. All the graduates that have taken the CAQ exam in the past ten years have passed it.

Our well-established fellowship program in an academic environment allows you to achieve well-rounded goals with teaching, research, and many other scholarly activities:

  • Individualized educational approach based on learners' career development goals with opportunities of part-time fellowship
  • State-of-the-art independent Monk Ambulatory Geriatric Center and nursing home facilities dedicated to inter-professional education and comprehensive geriatric patient care with grant funding
  • Consultation clinics including Geriatric Psychiatry, AGES (Ambulatory Geriatric Evaluation Service) and Fall clinics, working with faculty in occupational and physical therapy, pharmacy, and social work
  • Full access to majority subspecialty services in a 900-bed teaching hospital, with great opportunities of working with Hematology, Geriatric psychiatry, Sports medicine / PM&R, etc.
  • Participate and present at AMDA and AGS national conferences
  • Opportunity to visit a PACE program
  • Experience working closely with hospice-palliative care board certified faculty as outpatient and inpatient palliative consultations and hospice patient care
  • Participate in interprofessional education at MacGregor Downs Health and Rehab Center and Cypress Glen Retirement Center

The education and clinical opportunities are designed to allow the fellow to assume progressive responsibility for geriatric patient care and to create a comprehensive team approach to the management of these patients. The faculty is committed to providing didactic learning as well as clinical opportunities.